High Blood Pressure: The Simple Exercise Shown To Lower Blood Pressure Where You Don’t Have To

A new study published in the National Library of Medicine has found that doing an exercise that replicates the handshake can help lower blood pressure. Specifically, the researchers found that isometric handgrip home training was the most effective. Handgrips normally work by exercising the wrist, palm, and finger muscles. Isometric training is designed to train these muscles without lengthening or shortening the muscle.

Scientists behind the study found that blood pressure readings were reduced after 20 weeks of exercise.

During their study, the participants performed 10 handgrip exercises three times a week for eight weeks.

At the time of writing, the researchers said, “The results of this study indicate that isometric handgrip exercises improve resting systolic blood pressure.”

In addition, the results also showed that one of the main arteries of the body became more flexible as a result of the exercise.

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How to lower blood pressure?

There are several ways in which a person can lower their blood pressure.

These include lifestyle changes and medication.

Lifestyle changes include:
• Reduce salt intake
• Eating a low-fat, balanced diet
• Stay active
• Reduce alcohol consumption
• Lose weight
• Drink less caffeine
• Quit smoking.


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