Hitman 3’s free Ambrose Island level is definitely more Hitman

hitman protagonist Agent 47 has seen the world. He is parachuted on the tallest tower in Dubai. He has infiltrated country houses in the British countryside and on the Amalfi Coast. He has even been New Jersey. But apparently everyone’s favorite, fitting secret agent needs another stamp on theā€¦ passport: a dimly lit island that looks a lot like a not mapped set piece.

Yes, developer IO Interactive added a new level to Hitman 3. called Ambrose Islandit’s available for free to anyone who has the game, as part of developer IO Interactive’s “second year” plan. Hitman 3 came out last January with five great stealth sandboxes and a divisione non-stealth non-sandbox. IO has slowly introduced a wave of new content, including a range of (note: not free) downloadable content based on the seven deadly sins. It also gets a roguelike mode, although that has been postponed until later this year.

But Ambrose Island is the first true-to-life new stage for Hitman 3. It takes place in the Andaman Sea, just west of Thailand (the location of one of the the best levels in the series). Chronologically, as you know if you are one of the 17 people who have been able to untangle hitman‘s hilariously intricate story, it takes place prior to the events of Hitman 3. An early film, seen above, indicates it takes place before the Isle of Sgail stage at the end of Hitman 2.

The mission letter comes courtesy of long time hitman characters Lucas Gray and Diana Burnwood. Grey’s former ally, a generic brownshirt named Noel Crest, has attempted to team up with a modern-day pirate queen named Sinhi “Akka” Venthan. Your mission, should you choose to go along with this fraught, barely relevant part and accept it, is to kill them both through clandestine means. (Look, I just devoured the whole) Mission Impossible series back-to-back, you gotta give me some slack.)

I dabbled a little last night, and sure enough, Ambrose Island is more hitman. Although it looks like a third person action game, it is really a complicated puzzle game. There are dumpsters to hide in and deadly objects to find, people to observe and track. Since it is a densely populated area, the environment looks so lush, so Real, you have the feeling that you are really on vacation. I haven’t completed the mission yet so I don’t know exactly how it compares to the rest of the series, but yes, yes: More hitman. Hell yes.

I know there’s been a lot of discussion lately about the 2022 release and how it was relatively thin compared to years past. But between this new hitman level, the in the breach update that’s actually a new sequeland the lighthearted, compulsively playable Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 5, I realize I don’t need any new games right now. The backlog does its job.

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