Holberton Tulsa with student work during demo day – FOX23 News

TULSA, Okla. — Holberton Tulsa class members will showcase their capstone projects, the final step in their 20-month academic journey, to employers and supporters on Friday’s Demo Day.

Students presented projects ranging from a GitHub app that provides automated bug analysis and statistics to improve code stability to a Virtual Reality experience to make memorization easier to a classic 2D video game and garden application that helps manage gardens for community use. .

“During the pandemic, some people chose to learn how to make bread – we chose to become software engineers. It is with great pleasure that I present my graduation project as a student this Friday! Looking forward to working with you, Tulsa,” said Kellie Mogg, C13, augmented reality/virtual reality student.

The graduating class consists of 21 students, majoring in augmented reality/virtual reality, full-stack web development, machine learning, and advanced algorithms/programming. Six students already have jobs in Tulsa. There will be a private graduation ceremony on April 30.

“While students joined our program during the September 2020 pandemic, this cohort represents our largest graduating class to date and is among our most resilient, creative and resourceful graduates, learning to code, setting up and managing projects, and working effectively in teams in a remote environment,” said Libby Ediger, Executive Director at Holberton Tulsa. “Demand for highly skilled software developers in Oklahoma is at an all-time high and our graduates are prepared to thrive in Tulsa’s burgeoning technology sector.”

Launched in Spring 2020, Holberton Tulsa is a software engineering school that prepares students for careers in software development through 12 and 20 month programs, covering frontend and backend web development, software engineering, augmented reality and virtual reality, Linux programming, advanced algorithms, blockchain and machine learning. Students are not required to have any coding experience before enrolling, and flexible classes and assistance with living are available.

Holberton’s eighth cohort of more than 40 students begins May 2, and enrollments for the ninth cohort, which begins August 29, are open. With Friday’s graduation, more than 60 people have graduated from Holberton Tulsa, serving in both remote and Tulsa-based software engineering and technical roles.

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