Hong Kong-based restaurant Mott 32 is looking to Sydney for its next venture

Hong Kong-born restaurant chain Mott 32 has built a reputation for fine Chinese food and even more sophisticated interiors.

The upscale restaurant is also expanding internationally at a pace that could make it the next Nobu. And Sydney is part of his plans.

So firm are those plans that two companies are registered with ASIC: Mott 32 Sydney Pty Ltd and Mott 32 Holdings.

Dim sum from the restaurant chain in Hong Kong. Photo: Delivered

And for the past few months they had a tape measure at a Clarence Street location, in Sydney’s CBD.

What is all the fuss about? Mention a major design award and chances are Mott 32’s name has been engraved on the trophy since it opened its first restaurant in 2014.

Good Food spoke to a restaurateur who wanted to participate in an international launch. “They spend $5 million to $7 million on each establishment,” he says.

Mott 32’s parent company, Maximal Concepts, has rolled out restaurants from Singapore to Vancouver and Las Vegas. This is followed by Dubai and Cebu in the Philippines.

Good Food was unable to reach the Sydney team, who were on business abroad, but the second part of local Mott 32 speculation concerns Michael Jiang, founder of Lotus Dining, which has grown into a restaurant group with seven locations in Sydney .

“One of the founders [of Mott 32] is a good friend of mine,” says Jiang.

Jiang has just returned from Dubai where he toured with the latest Mott 32 to roll off the line.

With the Clarence Street location proving to be a challenge, Jiang says if they can find the right location, he’ll start a joint venture at the restaurant. Stay tuned.

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