Horrific video shows man stabbed randomly in NYC

Newly released video shows the shocking moments when a man was randomly stabbed on Thursday on the Upper East Side.

In a 16-second clip tweeted Saturday by the NYPDan attacker dressed all in black, with his face covered in a balaclava, is shown dismounting from a bicycle before brandishing a large knife at a 29-year-old stranger.

The video shows the victim — wearing a baseball cap, white mask and brown paper bag — trying to escape the knife-wielding man by kicking backwards away from him. The assailant then brandished the weapon wildly as he chased him off the sidewalk and onto the road, the footage shows.

During the on-camera attack in broad daylight, the injured man was stabbed multiple times in the back and left arm, according to police. Police said the victim did not know the perpetrator.

The stabbing happened on the sidewalk near a subway entrance at East 63rd Street and the Third Avenue Q and F train station just before 2 p.m., police said Thursday.

The suspect was riding a black e-bike when he stabbed the victim.
The attacker had his face covered with a balaclava mask.
The victim is seen trying to escape the man with the knife by moving away from him.
The attacker then brandished the weapon and stabbed the victim multiple times in the back and left arm, video footage shows.

The NYPD is looking for the attacker, who the department said Friday is about 30 years old, of average build. He was riding a black e-bike when he stabbed the victim for no reason and fled in an unspecified direction, police said.

Police said medics rushed the victim to a nearby hospital, where his condition was stable.

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