How Australia handles airbnb, Stayz in a housing crisis

As more Australians find it more difficult to get housing and the costs of goods and services skyrocket, local and state governments have turned their significant legislative weaponry on short-stay accommodation providers.

Some municipalities have increased rates for properties listed on platforms such as airbnb and Stayz, while state governments have capped the number of days these properties can be rented out as vacation rentals.

Here’s the latest on the rules governing the use of short-stay properties in Australia.

WA still decides, municipalities take action

Broome property owners who intend to rent out their home through an online platform must register with the council.

Broome Shire Council committed to the changes last month as part of a new planning plan, which is still awaiting approval from the state’s planning minister.

Under the previous regulation, the county did not have the ability to approve short-term rental properties to operate in areas marked for occupancy.

But the new regulation gives the council the power to allow the homes in residential areas as long as owners ask for permission.

The municipality of Broome says it has taken steps to make the financial work environment fair for all accommodation providers in the city.ABC News: Andrew Seabourne

The council’s argument was that people who operated resorts and hotels paid higher rates, while people who operated short-term rentals “had no restrictions around them.”

Further south, local laws passed by the City of Busselton have imposed a curfew on guests and banned leaving dogs unattended.

The rules are part of the second phase of regulatory changes that will empower the city to deregister holiday homes that do not adhere to the new code of conduct.

It also requires property managers to respond to questions from the public within 12 hours.

Grapevines in the Margaret River region.
Margaret River’s wineries attract many visitors and the city of Busselton is on the move to regulate how much short-term accommodation is offered in the region.ABC South West WA: Anthony Pancia

The code of conduct for holiday home visitors became final in April and included a limit on the number of guests after 10 p.m.

It also obliges owners to put up a sign with the manager’s contact details visible from the street.

The city of Busselton governs the popular tourist regions of Dunsborough, Yallingup and parts of Margaret River.

WA’s Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries is examining the implementation of a new state-wide short-stay registration system.

Consultations are being held with online booking platforms and short stay providers.

Queensland councils raise rates

The colored textured windows in the kitchen of the homestead.
In Noosa Shire, a one-time application must be made for all existing and new properties that are rented out for short stays.Delivered: Lacey’s Creek Homestead and Vineyard

Some of Queensland’s largest tourist centers are enacting regulations designed to limit the number of properties listed on airbnb sites and return the stock to the long-term rental market.

Brisbane Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced last week that the City Council would levy an additional 50 percent levy on rates for short-stay properties.

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