How the Internet enabled a Mariners fan and DoorDash driver to connect and do something cool

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The world can be a horrible, horrible place. Lately it feels like things are only getting harder in America. And because my country loves its scapegoats, the internet is routinely blamed for all the ills of the country, perhaps the world. Rebellions, political radicalization, obesity, poor socialization, literally anything that isn’t optimal with kids: blame the internet.

But that’s stupid of course. The internet is responsible for both good and bad outcomes in society, just like pretty much everything else. But the internet is only as good or bad as those who use it. And sometimes the internet makes really great things possible.

Take the story of Seattle Mariners fan Sofie Dill and Simranjeet Singh, a DoorDash driver. Last weekend, without going into too much detail, Jesse Winker was hit by a pitch while playing for the LA Angels and a brawl broke out between the teams. Baseball fights are downright silly, but some fans enjoy them, or at least support their players in the fight. So, from her home in Arkansas, Dill decided to send Winker a pizza from a local Anaheim parlor to be delivered directly to the stadium. And, for added measure, she’s live-tweeted her DoorDash experience for everyone to follow.

Baseball fan or not, you should go check out the full thread. It’s a harrowing journey to see if she can actually deliver a pizza to a professional baseball player at a visiting major league clubhouse to show her support. The spoiler here is that the pizza has indeed been delivered, Winker reached out to her on Twitter to thank her, and a slew of people cheered the DoorDash driver, Singh, as he continued his dutiful journey.

Dill managed to get Singh to share his Venmo QR code and share it on Twitter.

And from there, the internet did its thing. Many people started sending money to Singh’s Venmo. Others asked if they could send him money through another platform. Singh himself started sending out tweets thanking everyone, clearly overjoyed at everyone’s generosity. Then, if that wasn’t enough, two other great results happened just to restore your faith in humanity.

While I’m not sure how much was donated to Singh, he certainly didn’t keep it all to himself.

Over there are good people in this world† The prepay in itself would have been the feel-good coda of this story, but then the Mariners decided to join in too.

Dill was awarded a Winker jersey by the Mariners. Singh had what he describes as a life-changing event. Mariners fans have had a blast on Twitter with all of this. St. Jude has a donation.

If there’s a loser in this story, I can’t find one. And all of this is made possible by the bad, despicable internet that too many people blame for everything.

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