How To Use Your Smartphone To Cope With Hearing Loss (2022): Tips For iPhone, Android

If you have a Pixel phone (Pixel 3 or later), you can also use the talk mode with headphones. By pointing your phone’s camera at the person you want to chat with, or turning the camera over and holding your phone, you can reduce background noise and focus more easily on your conversation partner (this feature is intended for busy environments such as cafes where background noise can be an issue).

Apple via Simon Hill

All iPhone owners with supported Apple or Beats headphones can adapt the sound to their hearing and improve the clarity of music, movies, phone calls and podcasts. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audiovisual, to turn on Headphone Accommodations, then tap Custom audio setting. If you go to Settings > Control Center and add to belongyou can also use Listen live to hear people better by placing your iPhone microphone close to them.

If you have the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, you can use Transparency Mode. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audiovisual > Headphone Accommodations > Transparency Modeand then turn on Custom transparency mode and Ambient noise suppression to choose how much ambient noise you want to allow.

With the AirPods Pro (8/10, recommended by WIRED) you can also use Conversation Boostwhich you can find under Transparency Mode. The feature amplifies voices, but it does mean you have to wear your AirPods during face-to-face chats. Once you activate and add it to belong to the Control Center through Settingsyou can enable it by opening the Control Center and adjust gain, balance, tone and ambient sound with a set of sliders (it remembers your preferences).

Using hearing aids with your phone

Photo: Apple

Apple has a Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aid program. Connect supported hearing aids to an iPhone via Bluetooth and you can access most of the features we described above for headphones on your hearing aid. For example, go to Settings > Accessibilityselect Hearing aids and choose yours, and then Start Live Listen to use your iPhone microphone to hear people more clearly. You can also stream music or podcasts directly to your hearing aids.

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