Hunter x Hunter Debuts New Art at Yoshihiro Togashi Exhibition

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best shonen series you can read, and creator Yoshihiro Togashi made sure his work isn’t done on the series yet. Despite a long hiatus, work on the popular manga has resumed and the creator is ready to celebrate his impressive works in a new exhibition. Fans from all over the world plan to check out the artist’s exhibition, given their love for Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho. And now we’ve learned that the event will feature special never-before-seen artwork.

The information comes from Japan courtesy of Natalie, as the publication covered the upcoming event. It was there that Togashi’s team gave everyone a peek at the new artwork on its way to the exhibition. The pieces are instantly recognizable, and Hunter x Hunter has even more to offer this fall.

As you can see above, Togashi’s black and white sketches capture pivotal moments… Hunter x Hunter. Gon is even shown in his adult form once he’s booted up and his hair is on end. Other sketches here feature Killua as you’d expect, so there’s no doubt other stars like Hisoka will be making an appearance at this event.

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This throwback work makes this art exhibit a must-see for fans as you can imagine. Togashi has even written some new art to celebrate the event, and the performance seems to have opened the artist’s floodgates. After all, work has resumed on Hunter x Hunter earlier this year after a three-year hiatus. And if you follow Togashi on Twitter, you know the creator is determined to see his comeback through to the end.

Are you happy to see these sketches behind the scenes? What do you want to see? Hunter x Hunter when is the series coming back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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