Huntsville’ Star Martell Holt and Sheree Whitfield Allegedly Spotted Together, Fueling Dating Rumors

Martell Holt and Melody Shari’s Marriage Ended in Flames Thanks to the Love and Marriage: Huntsville star’s seven-year affair with his mistress and their love child. Since Melody filed for divorce and things came to an end, the two have worked to co-parent their four children amicably, which hasn’t always been a breeze. While Shari says she’s focused on her career and motherhood, Holt has reportedly been seen with… RHOA star Sheree Whitfield. Photos and videos of the two surfaced amid Whitfield’s long-term relationship with prison inmate Tyrone Gilliams that spiraled out of control.

Whitfield admits she’s dating someone new amid Gilliams split

During Whitfield’s appearance on Watch live what’s happening with Andy Cohen on July 17, Cohen asked the OG, “How would you describe your love life right now?” Whitfield smiled and teased that she is casually dating. “I actually really enjoy getting to know someone in particular.”

In a now-deleted video, YouTube blogger Empress Radio reported on Instagram posts that Whitfield was hanging out with minister and businessman Chris Fletcher and his wife. Fletcher is a close friend of Holt and has previously mentored Holt and Shari during their marriage.

The Alabama Secretary of State shared a photo of himself and Whitfield online, as well as a photo of Whitfield with his wife.

There are rumors that Whitfield and Holt reportedly had a double date with the Fletchers, although no photo evidence of that date has surfaced.

The YouTube video also includes personal video footage from a fan’s cell phone that Holt and Whitfield saw walking together in public. They then return to a car, with Holt opening the passenger side door for Whitfield.

The rumors were reported by Fox Soul’s ‘TEA GIF’

The Neighborhood Talk also posted images:

Fans are reacting, and it’s not in a good way

With both their track records — Whitfield picking unavailable men and Holt’s history of precinct and infidelity — fans don’t believe this is a match made in heaven. The commentary on social media is brutal.

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