Hutchinson Veteran Recognized with Honor Flight to Washington, DC

In the small office of Kindred Hospice on Tuesday morning, employees, volunteers and relatives of Kindred surrounded David Bartlett, a US Navy veteran of the Vietnam conflict, and Michael Juarez, a US Army veteran of the same conflict, for their upcoming May 9 honourary flight to Washington, DC

Bartlett is one of the patients at Kindred Hospice who meets regularly with veteran volunteer Juarez. The two share kinship and support, as both are veterans of the Vietnam War.

The Dream Foundation fulfilled Bartlett’s dream to attend the Honor Flight. Robert J. Dole Department of Veterans Affairs Medical and Regional Office Center driver Gene Sexton presented gifts from the Dream Foundation for their upcoming flight.

“I think it’s going to be really great, and David will enjoy it,” Juarez said. “We’re going to take a lot of pictures.”

The Dream Foundation honored David Bartlett on Tuesday, May 3 at next week's Kindred Hospice for Honor Flight celebrations with a medal and pin for Vietnam War veterans.

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The Dream Foundation helps applicants make their dreams come true. In this case, it was an Honor Flight to Washington DC for Bartlett.

“It’s an honor and I’m really excited to see the Vietnam War Memorial and bring Mike with me,” Bartlett said.

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