i2C brings love and light to Sydney Streets for Vivid

i2C Architects and Empire 3D Printing + Design have teamed up for a light-hearted take on the traditional zebra crossing for Vivid Sydney, encouraging people to dance, hold hands or kiss in the installation titled ‘Crosswalk This Way’ .

The work depicts the ‘don’t walk/walk’ guidelines of a pedestrian crossing and replaces them with holding hands/kiss and various symbolic actions.

i2C’s project coordinator David Da Costa Enes says the installation is a direct response to the festival’s mission to welcome people back to the city.

“After two years of Covid, we wanted to bring some fun back into everyone’s lives, so we ‘hacked’ crosswalk lighting – something so banal and familiar to us. We thought, why not dance on the road? It’s much more exciting!”

“At the beginning of the process, we refined our original concept to make it more human-centric, but many of our original ideas for our symbol sets felt a little too abstract.”

“Instead, we worked on relating them to humans on a human level. After the concept was refined, we then focused on how best to use the existing hardware in the pedestrian buttons, trying to figure out what we had to rework and what we had to do. could keep.”

Da Costa Enes and Empire 3D co-owner Julian Pereira rewired the LEDs to gain more control over colors and timings. Hacking the push button transducer allows the device to play music and generate different beats.

The blue disc with the arrow has been replaced by custom plates with the ‘action’ icon engraved into them, allowing the visually and hearing impaired to use the installation.

“It is a huge honor and privilege to showcase our work among the many other talented artists and to make our installation part of the city for a short period of time,” says Da Costa Enes.

Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres says the crosswalk is one of many installations that the NSW government hopes will build Sydney’s reputation as the capital of Asia’s major events.

“This crosswalk installation provides an engaging and light-hearted stop on the light walk that people of all ages can enjoy and interact with. It’s a great way to continue enjoying the Vivid Sydney experience,” he says.

For more information about the festival, visit www.vividsydney.com.

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