iFixit prematurely listed every replacement part of the Steam Deck it plans to sell

iFixit has prematurely revealed all the parts it plans to sell for the Steam Deck that will soon allow you to repair Valve’s latest handheld yourself, if you so choose.

As reported by The Verge, iFixit was already known as one of the authorized sellers of Steam Deck replacement parts, but the collection of the parts was not quite ready to be announced, including the motherboard with the AMD Aeirth chip for $350. .

It looks like orders have even been placed and iFixit said it will honor those who made it.

“Earlier today we published some pages related to our upcoming parts launch with Valve,” iFixit wrote on tweet. “These went live earlier than we planned, so we ended up removing them. If you’ve gotten an order for parts, we’ll honor it. Stay tuned for the real launch soon!”

iFixit’s parts will do more than just let you repair your Steam Deck, as some parts may be an upgrade to certain models. This means that those who purchase the 64GB or 256GB models will soon have the chance to purchase and install the 512GB model-exclusive premium anti-glare etched glass for $95.

All in all, iFixit confirmed that there will be 23 different parts, and they are as follows:

  • Steam Deck Fan / Part Only – $24.99
  • Steam Deck Fan / Repair Kit – $29.99
  • Steam Deck (512 GB) screen / part only – $94.99
  • Steam Deck (512 GB) Screen / Repair Kit – $99.99
  • Steam Deck (64GB or 256GB) screen / part only – $64.99
  • Steam Deck (64GB or 256GB) Screen/Fix Kit – $69.99
  • Steam Deck Right Ruler / Parts Kit – $19.99
  • Steam Deck Right Folding Ruler / Fix Kit – $24.99
  • Steam Deck Left Thumbstick / Part Only – $19.99
  • Steam Deck Left Thumbstick / Fix Kit – $24.99
  • Steam Deck Action Button Rubber Diaphragm – $4.99
  • Steam Deck D-Pad Rubber Diaphragm – $4.99
  • Steam Deck Steam Knob Rubber Membrane – $4.99
  • Steam Deck Speakers – $24.99
  • Steam Deck Left Trigger Knob Assembly – $7.99
  • Steam Deck Right Trigger Knob Assembly – $7.99
  • Steam Deck Left Bumper Knob Assembly – $6.99
  • Steam Deck Right Bumper Knob Assembly – $6.99
  • Steam Deck Back Plate – $24.99
  • Steam Deck Faceplate – $24.99
  • Steam Deck Motherboard – $349.99
  • Steam Deck Right Daughter Board – $29.99
  • Steam Deck Left Daughter Board – $29.99
  • Steam Deck Battery Glue – $4.99
  • Steam Deck Screen Glue – $4.99
  • Steam Deck AC Adapter (US) – $24.99
  • Steam Deck AC Adapter (EU) – $24.99
  • Steam Deck AC Adapter (UK) – $24.99

For those in the UK, GamingOnLinux also has a partial list of prices in your area.

Steam deck dismantling

One of the big parts missing from this list is the Steam Deck battery. According to iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens, the team is working on it.

“We’re building a Steam Deck repair solution that includes all the step-by-step guides and parts you need to repair your Deck,” Wiens said. “Our first release contains the parts and tools to perform most repairs.

“We won’t have a battery repair fix on day one, but we’re committed to working with Valve to service these devices as they age. Battery replacement will be essential for the Steam Deck to stand the test of time.”

To learn more about Steam Deck, check out our review, Valve’s official Steam Deck teardown, and all the good and bad things we’ve discovered since using Valve’s new hardware.

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