Internet Calls Out Tony La Russa For Almost Falling Asleep During White Sox Game

Wake up, Tony!

The internet had some fun at the expense of White Sox manager Tony La Russa Monday night when the 77 manager appeared to be falling asleep during the first inning of his team’s game against the Royals.

When NBC Sports Chicago’s cameras cut to La Russa at the bottom of the first, he seemed to flutter his eyes as if he couldn’t keep them open.

The internet seized the opportunity to laugh at the experienced manager.

“He falls asleep and it’s the first inning!!!!” Twitter user Moscow Mike said. “@whitesox please do something about this!!!”

“Tony La Russa falling asleep while directing his team is 100% a firing offense,” another user wrote. “You get caught dozing at work, you’re gone. This is shameful.”

Tony La Russa
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It’s been one such season for La Russa and the White Sox, who started the season with championship aspirations but sputtered to a 51-51 record – good for third place in the AL Central. La Russa has been heavily criticized for the team’s struggles and has been responsible for other blunders throughout the season, including when he intentionally walked Trea Turner, the Dodgers star with two goals.

White Sox fans are at their wits’ end with La Russa – and this incident certainly won’t help.

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