iOS 15.5 re-enables Apple Music API to change playback speed

MusicKit is an official Apple API that allows developers to create apps, such as third-party clients, with access to Apple Music. For some unknown reason, the company had removed the ability to let these apps control playback speed, but now this feature is coming back with iOS 15.5.

Since this API was removed in iOS 15.4, several developers have complained about it to Apple. At the time, an Apple technician revealed that the company had “monitored this issue internally”, but no further details were given. Fortunately, it seems that developers are able to use this API again.

As noted by iGeneration, the same Apple engineer confirmed to the Apple Developer forum that the Apple Music team has “re-evaluated our previous decision” to disable the feature. As a result, the API to let Apple Music apps change playback speed is now back in iOS 15.5’s fourth beta, currently available to developers.

We re-evaluated our previous decision to disable changing the playback speed for Apple Music subscription content in third-party applications and concluded that we could safely re-enable that functionality, just as we did before the release of iOS 15.4. As such, this issue has been resolved in iOS 15.5 beta 4.

It’s unclear what prompted Apple to remove this feature, but since the company’s engineer used the word “safe” to describe the problem, the feature may have been disabled due to a bug. Of course, developers will now have to update their apps for the feature to work after the official release of iOS 15.5.

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