iOS glitch shuts down FaceTime, iMessages, claim iPhone users

Apple is in the news again, but not for good reason.

Apple is in the news again, but not for good reason. iOS users have experienced a serious bug on Apple handsets that they claim has disabled FaceTime, iMessage and full SIM services in some cases. Until now, this problem has only been known to occur on phones with an eSIM – a digital SIM card built into the iPhone’s motherboard in the form of a chip. Apple first brought eSIMs to the iPhone with the launch of the iPhone XR and XS in 2018. eSIMs offer two main benefits: an easier setup process and the ability to use two phone numbers on one phone by using both a physical and an eSIM. . Starting with the iPhone 13, Apple has removed the need for a physical SIM card, even with two numbers.

Many Apple users took to Twitter to express their frustration about this new bug. User Chistopher Munz replied in a tweet about the issue: “It’s interesting that you bring up this story. Last week my esim for T-Mobile on my 13 pro max deactivated itself in the middle of the day and kept trying in settings again activate but said no service and esim said phone is not allowed.

Another user @vhanagwal said: “Yeah, I literally had the same problem a few weeks ago with my eSIM and had to switch to a physical one as well. And it took several people telling me that they’ve been messaging through my iCloud email for weeks. email received. Sigh.”

User @zazzinho13 explained, saying “1/2 Yes it is not limited to just eSim but it is a service issue in general. I have changed carriers keeping my number but there is no way to reactivate the services on the phone number I indicate that I only use physical sim I even replaced the new sim with another new sim”

He continued by saying “2/2 in 72 hours, but the problem persists. I am writing from Italy and my provider is Vodafone. No one knows what to tell me”

Currently, Apple support has not tweeted about the issue.

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