iPadOS 16 delayed, iPhone 14 rumors and macOS utilities on the AppleInsider podcast

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Listener suggestions lead the AppleInsider podcast into a discussion of the best macOS utilities. And while there is news that iPadOS 16 has been delayed, there are more rumors about the iPhone 14 and it’s time to start the iOS 17 wishlist.

Host Stephen Robles asked you for obscure Mac utilities you can’t live without — and you answered. Learn about tools for managing windows on different screens, for using multiple browsers, and a glimpse into the world of Read-It-Later apps and services.

In this week’s news, the biggest story is the claim that Apple will not release iPadOS 16 alongside iOS 16 as usual. Instead, it could delay the release until October — leaving everyone wondering if that’s related to new iPad hardware coming out.

There is more definitive news about iOS 16 as developers explore the new beta versions. Apple has talked a lot about new features like the revamped lock screen, but there are now plenty of small but very welcome improvements throughout iOS as well.

That’s not to say we don’t always want more, so in this edition of the AppleInsider podcast, we kick off the iOS 17 wish list. Plus, Apple has done it again: The new Apple Brompton Road store in London is a marvel of architecture.

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