Josh Donaldson accused of racial slurs by White Sox Tim Anderson; Yankee claims it was a joke between them – New York Daily News

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson said Josh Donaldson, the Yankees’ designated batter, made a racist and disrespectful remark to him on the field on Saturday, leading the benches to be the deciding factor in the Yankees’ 7-5 victory at the Stadium on Saturday. Saturday.

According to sources, MLB investigated the incident Saturday night.

“Disrespectful comment. Actually, he was trying to call me Jackie Robinson, you know “What’s up Jackie.” I don’t play like that. I’m not playing at all,” Anderson told reporters after the game. “I didn’t really want to bother anyone today, but he made the comment and it was, you know, disrespectful. And I don’t think it was necessary. It wasn’t necessary.”

Donaldson said he thought it was a joke, citing a 2019 Sports Illustrated interview that Anderson did, which quoted him as saying, “I feel a bit like today’s Jackie Robinson.” Anderson referred to breaking the “fun barrier.”

“I called him Jackie,” Donaldson said. “So let me give you a little context of that. In 2019, he came out with the interview where he said he is baseball’s new Jackie Robinson. He’s going to bring fun into the game again. Right? And in 2019, when I played for Atlanta, we actually joked about that [in] the game. I don’t know what has changed from [then] … and I’ve said it to him for the past few years, no way, [other] than just joking about calling himself Jackie Robinson.

“So if anything about that has changed, like my meaning of it, that’s not a term that’s trying to be racist by the facts of the case.”

Donaldson said he apologizes if Anderson thought it was racist and would talk to him about it if Anderson was open to it. He said he hoped the post-interview would convey his explanation to Anderson. Donaldson said he discussed it with some of his teammates. He was seen in the dugout with team leader Aaron Judge after the benches were cleared and things settled down.

“It was just after an interview that he called himself that and we said that before [and] we joked about it. He laughed, whatever. As you can see, in our series we played, I tried several times to defuse the situation. I took responsibility for the tag, I tried not to do anything there,” Donaldson said, referring to an incident when the Yankees were in Chicago last week. “Like today and just trying to defuse it like, like, make light like, Hey, we’re not trying to start fights or anything like that.

“He clearly found it disrespectful and if he did, I apologize. As if that’s in no way what I was trying to do.”

Still, Anderson and White Sox manager Tony La Russa see it as a racist remark Donaldson made when he was on base in the second inning.

“He made a racist remark, Donaldson. That’s all I’m going to say,” La Russa said.

Anderson agreed with his manager.

“Same, in the same vein,” Anderson said.

When asked how he was holding back at the time, Anderson said he wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know to be honest. It was very disrespectful. I don’t want to play like that,” Anderson said.

At the end of the third inning, when Donaldson was back on base, he and Anderson had words. Yankees third base coach Luis Rojas pulled Donaldson away and umpire crew chief Greg Gibson got close to make sure it didn’t escalate.

In the fifth, as Donaldson walked up to the plate, Yasmani Grandal wouldn’t let him step into the box until he got nose to nose and started yelling at him. That caused the banks and bullpens to come running to the plate.

“It was a comment he made. This game went through a period where a lot of those comments were made and I think we’re way past that. It’s just unacceptable,” Grandal said. was and I’m going to make sure I have my team back. It’s impossible to say something like that, it’s unacceptable.”

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Yankees manager Aaron Boone said he wasn’t sure what was being said.

“I know there was some discussion about that,” Boone told La Russa that Donaldson had made a racist remark. “But I have to go in and get to the bottom of it.”

Boone added that “the chewing back and forth needs to stop.”

Anderson and Donaldson had one last meeting on the field in the seventh inning when it looked like something had been said and the Yankee DH laughed to himself as he ran off the field.

“Obviously there have been a few situations where he tried to get in my face and say different words to me and it just kept happening,” Donaldson said. “That’s why, after I slipped to second base, I kind of looked at him after he said something to me. I’m like, okay, I’m just, I was just laughing. I’m done with it.”

Anderson and Donaldson clashed last week when the Yankees were in Chicago after a particularly physical tap at third base on a pick-off that ended clearing the benches, but no punches were thrown. Last season, while with the Twins, Donaldson had angered the White Sox with comments about Lucas Giolito and illegal substances that pitchers were not allowed to use that season.

The teams have two games left in the regular season. On Sunday they play a straight doubleheader.

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