Kat Walk VR Treadmill Returns With New $1,000 Model

VR treadmill maker KatVR returns to Kickstarter for its next device, the Kat Walk C 2.

A new crowdfunding campaign for the device will launch May 14 at 7:00 a.m. PT, with early bird orders starting at $698 (excluding shipping). The original Kat Walk has raised over $1 million on the platform in 2020. As with other treadmills, the device consists of a shell on which players stand with a special pair of shoes and a harness that they then attach themselves to. You can then lean forward and run to simulate walking in VR. Watch a trailer for the C2 below.

Kat Walk C 2 announced

The C 2 promises several new additions and improvements over its predecessor, including support for a wider range of movements such as firing and kneeling and improved tracking of the movements of your feet. The device will also be compatible with the Quest platform and with previously supported headsets such as PSVR and PC kits. KatVR also says it’s throwing in improved shoes that make it easier to walk on the saucer.

Once the first early bird level is gone, there will be two more limited levels that will increase the price by $100 each time. The unlimited tier offers the device for $998.

KatVR will also offer a further enhanced version of the device, the Kat Walk C 2+, which includes haptic feedback with ‘Vibrate-On-Touch Step Simulation’ and controller compatibility to provide more moments of haptic feedback. The C 2+ is available as a $200 upgrade to the tier you committed (i.e. $898 for the first early bird tier or $1199 if all early bird tiers are gone).

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