Kidd Creole, a hip-hop pioneer, sentenced to 16 years of murder

He added that Mr. Glover seemed to have lost his mind.

“The Nathaniel Glover who took responsibility on the day of the murder is not the man before you today,” Mr. Dahl said. “He blames everyone but himself.”

Speaking to the judge, Mr Glover said he was disappointed with how the case had turned out, adding that he had been portrayed as a person “who has no regrets or humanity”. He said he expected to be acquitted.

mr. Celestin said he would appeal, saying Judge Rodney had exercised disproportionate influence on the trial outside the courtroom.

He disagreed that she had not allowed a “cultural expert” to testify that the term “what’s going on”—the words Mr. Glover used to say Mr. Jolly had greeted him—could act as a threat. are considered. And he said the judge had not allowed Mr Glover to claim that he had defended himself that night, even though the jurors had asked if they could consider self-defense.

A niece of Mrs Jolly, Cheryl Horry, said she was disappointed too, saying Mr Glover should have been given the maximum sentence, noting that he showed no remorse.

“He didn’t say sorry,” she said. “He didn’t even say sorry to his own family. That shows a lot.”

“Mr. Jolly’s death was devastating to his family and those who knew him,” said Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg. “Every life we ​​lose to violent crime ripples through our entire city, and we will stick to it.” ensuring that everyone in our community can live their lives with the sense of safety and security they deserve.”

As one of the Furious Five, Mr. Glover an important member of a group that brought hip-hop from the block parties where it was born to the recording studio. He was featured on early singles such as “Superrappin'” and “Freedom”, and his brother, Melvin Glover, who goes by the stage name Melle Mel, rapped on the group’s biggest hit, “The Message”. Another member, Keef Cowboy, is often credited with the invention of the term “hip-hop.”

The group broke up in the late 1980s. While Melvin Glover continued to make music with another member of the group, Scorpio, Mr. Glover soon found a temporary job living in a modest house in the Bronx. He was still living there in August 2017, the night he met Mr Jolly.

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