Kim Kardashian Gets ‘Vogue’ Cover About Sister Kendall Jenner

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Uncomfortable! There was a short tension between Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner in the latest episode of The Kardashians after it became known that the 41-year-old founder of Skims had scored the March 2022 cover Fashion about the 26-year-old supermodel.

In the episode of Thursday 26 May Kris Jenner was visiting Kim during the beauty magnate’s Balenciaga photo shoot when the momager, 66, revealed the “bittersweet” news. “Last week American Fashion did a fantastic, great cover attempt with Kendall and while they were filming they called me from the set and said, ‘By the way, they want to offer Kendall the cover of the shoot in March,'” the Safely co-founder told Kim.

“I was so excited,” Kris said before explaining that plans had changed. “I just got a call this morning from Kendall’s agent and he says, ‘Good news, bad news. Not sure if Kendall will be a good fit for this cover. They asked Kim to do the cover.’”

In a confession conversation, the Selfish The author expressed her excitement at the opportunity, but admitted to being concerned about Kendall’s reaction. “I’m so excited to be on the cover of Vogue,” Kim said. ‘I don’t care how many times you could be on the cover; it will never get old. This one just feels extra special to me. I am so honored to be a part of this.”

The founder of KKW Beauty continued: “I feel so bad. For example, it is bittersweet. I’m not telling [Kendall]†

When asked by producers how she would have handled this moment 15 years ago, Kim said, “I probably would have killed Kendall myself for the cover if it was an option between the two of us. My despair at the time… she would have been buried before she got this cover.’

Later in the episode, Kris broke the news to Kendall and told the supermodel she was nervous about her reaction. However, the founder of Tequila from 818 had no hard feelings.

The Teen Choice Award winner went on to open up about the situation in her own confessional interview: “There is no disturbed bone in my body.”

Kendall added: “Chris, my agent, called me and told me. I’m happy for my sister, and she should be really happy. There’s no bone in my body because I think it went to the right person Don’t get me wrong, I would have been very honored and extremely excited to get this Vogue cover.”

The March issue marked Kim .’s third Fashion cover. For her first she appeared next to her now ex-husband Kanye West for the April 2014 issue. The reality star has also been featured in the Chinese, Indian and Spanish editions of the publication.

In her latest cover, Kim spoke about her divorce from West, 44, and how she now prioritizes her own happiness. “I’ve been doing what made other people happy for so long. And I think in the past two years I’ve decided that I’m going to make myself happy… And even if that brought about change and caused my divorce, I think it’s important to be honest with yourself about what makes you happy,” she said. they. Fashion at the time.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians alum and West married in 2014 and broke up when she filed for divorce in February 2021. The former couple share daughters North, 8, and Chicago, 4, and sons Saint, 6, and Psalm, 3.

Kendall has also appeared on the cover of Fashionwith which the September issue appeared in 2016 and on the covers of Fashion Japan, Fashion Australia, Fashion Spain and Fashion German.

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