Langworthy attacks Paladino’s inability to disclose personal finances | Local news

In an increasingly controversial primary for the new 23rd congressional district, endorsed Republican Nick Langworthy launched his strongest attack yet on opponent Carl Paladino Monday for failing to submit a personal financial disclosure form required for House candidates.

Both even came up with new labels for their opponents: ‘Lying Langworthy’ and ‘Cowardly Carl’.

Langworthy, the state’s Republican chairman, said Paladino not only evades debates and interviews with reporters, but is now “hiding his sources of income” by failing to submit the required form. Both sides also argued over whether late filing constitutes an official violation.

“His actions are not only a walking home ethics violation, but they should be a huge red flag for voters tired of politicians trying to buy elections and hide their business dealings,” Langworthy said in a statement. “Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law — it’s time for Carl to clean up and fill out these forms immediately for voters to see.”

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A key question in the Republican primaries for the 23rd Congressional District revolves around how much mud will be thrown in the game between Nick Langworthy and Carl Paladino.

Langworthy filed his form on July 6, listing several investments and a 2021 salary of $149,999 as state president. The Buffalo News reported on Sunday that Paladino, a major real estate developer in western New York, had missed the July application deadline.

Langworthy seized the situation Monday by finding that he had fulfilled his obligations and expects his opponent to do the same.

“Voters have an absolute right to look under the hood and see where candidates are getting their money,” Langworthy said.

Paladino spokesman Vish Burra said the delay occurred because the Clerk of the House “had not provided credentials to this campaign”.

“The Clerk of the House has graciously extended the filing period and we have been in constant contact with the Clerk and we will be fully compliant,” he said. “This is being submitted.”

Paladino also weighed in, accusing his opponent of being in “complete desperation mode.”

“Nick knows my net worth like no other as I funded his entire career,” Paladino said. “Unlike Lying Langworthy, my campaign is self-funded and not mandatory for Never Trump donors and DC lobbyists.”

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