Lima Police Try ‘Crime Detector’ Device

LIMA — The Lima Police Department will soon implement new technology to detect crimes and tackle the “labour shortage”. The mobile device can become the eyes and ears of the department in one place and even collect evidence.

Police applied for a grant in Ohio for violent crime reduction to help cover costs.

“We’ve been looking for technology that’s a force multiplier,” said LPD Major Jim Baker.

The custom device, made by Infinite Protection, has cameras, sound detection, facial recognition software, license plate recognition, and smoke and fire detection to aid the department.

“This device is a unique technology that we can use here,” Baker says. “Other systems have to be set up on piles; it is fully mobile.”

The device will be moved throughout the city to detect possible crime.

“This device is similar to having a camera in a public place,” said Major Ron Holman.

The LPD plans to deploy one device, but hopes to have more in the future.

Once a detection is made, the device will deploy officers within approximately 15 minutes. Baker said he believed it would shorten LPD’s response time.

“It may take a while for someone to see it, call it, then get a description, and then we go to the crime scene,” Baker said.

The device created for the Lima Police Department has several functions that meet the needs of the department and the community.

If the department hires new officers, the new technology will help the department. LPD plans to continue using this new technology.

Founded more than 20 years ago, Infinite Protection uses technology to protect businesses from physical and digital threats. Infinite Protection is based in Ohio, Texas and Nevada.

The Lima Police Department will use a portable device to detect crime.

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