LINKIN PARK’s MIKE SHINODA Laments How Much Time Young Artists Have To Spend Generating Social Media Content

Linkin Park singer and keyboardist Mike Shinoda is not a fan of the current climate within the music industry.

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In a series of tweets, Shinoda said he is tired of hearing how much time and energy young musicians have to spend generating social media content. Shinoda also asked the question of how much music one could make instead of “generating mind-numbing ‘content'”, which is a pretty fair assessment of things.

“I’m tired of hearing musicians being told they don’t invest enough energy into social media content. Every artist I speak to now has this feeling. They say they spend way too much time creating small videos to support their careers, but wish they could spend more time making and playing music.

“How is a young performer expected to put in enough time to get good at their craft when they have to feed all these content channels? The time they spend generating mind-numbing ‘content’ may have come at the expense of the best song that she never wrote.”

Shinoda‘s thread seems to be in response to: HalseyThe recent claim that her Capitol Music Groups label wouldn’t release her new song until she could fake a viral TikTok moment. “Everything is marketing and they do that with pretty much every artist these days,” she wrote in her video. “I just want to put out music man. And I deserve better tbh. I’m tired.” Halsey is one of many popular musicians who make similar claims about investing a lot of time in social media to get their music out.

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I think on the other side of all this is the fact that social media promotion and presence are just how things are in 2022. While there could probably be a happier medium somewhere between the two ideas of simply releasing art and spend all your time creating social media content, right?

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