Low-Fi spin-off agency now under development for Quest

Agency, a spin-off of the upcoming VR title Low-Fi, is in development for Quest following a conceptual tech demo released in the middle of last year.

Low-Fi developer Blair Renaud made the announcement on Twitter, stating that “development is being taken over by” @AndreElijah and his studio, who will ensure it is both a best-in-class experience and a visual feast.โ€

Agency was first mentioned in a Low-Fi Kickstarter update in late 2020, when Renaud said he sent a successful pitch to Oculus for a Low-Fi spin-off on Quest, titled Agency. At the time, however, he said some form of funding was needed to “justify taking people away from Low-Fi”. Renaud launched a small technical demo about the Agency concept in the middle of last year, available on Quest via App Lab. As you cycled through a few short scenes and environments, you couldn’t move or interact with anything in the demo, but it showed a high level of visual fidelity on Quest’s standalone hardware.

Now it seems that Renaud has found a solution to the Agency dilemma, with: Andre Elia and his studio are taking over the development. Elijah is also working on Amid Evil VR, which was unveiled about a year ago, and the developer teased on Twitter he now has a total of five games in the works for Quest.

While Elijah and his studio develop Agency, Renaud will continue his work on Low-Fi. Renaud also wrote on Twitter that Agency will not be exclusive to Quest, and will “work on all VR headsets”.

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