LP’s Quality Meats closes its restaurant – for the second time

In February 2020, the restaurant in the smokehouse of Chippendale and LP’s Quality Meats, producer of small goods, had its last shift after six years of serving smoked, cured and cured meats, cured meats and savory vegetable dishes. At the time, owner Luke Powell decided to close the restaurant side of his business to focus on the wholesale business and sell his small goods and sausages to restaurants and delis in the city. But shortly after the shutdown, the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in Australia. Powell reopened the restaurant in August 2020 to accommodate the slump from wholesale customers. Now that second iteration of LP’s Quality Meats restaurant will close. The last service is on August 21.

LP’s announced the news on Instagram, saying the closure will “make way again for the growth of the LP’s Smallgoods brand”.

“For now, we give our hats off to the incredible staff who have made the past two years so fun, energetic and creative… On to another eight years of sausage!”

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These are by no means the last dining adventures from Sydneysiders’ LPs. It will still be at Carriageworks Farmers Market every two weeks serving hot dogs and other meaty treats. Plus, you’ll find the mortadella, salami, saucisson, and pepperoni on menus all over Sydney, including at Bella Brutta and Continental Deli in Newtown, Bondi’s Lox in a Box, Fiore Bread on the lower north coast, AP Bakery in Surry Hills, and many others.

For now, you can still turn to LP’s for weekend lunches and dinners from Thursday to Saturday for its unique menu of hearty meat and vegetable dishes, crafted under the steady hand of Chef Isobel Little. And the team promises that there are some “exciting projects ahead” that it “can’t wait” to share.

LP’s Quality Meats restaurant has its last service on August 21.


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