Lydia Abdelmalek, posing as Home and Away actor Lincoln Lewis to fish women, loses court appeal

A “fantast” who posed as an Australian soap star and assaulted several women, persuaded them to send her intimate photos and stalked them “relentlessly” has lost an appeal against her conviction.

Lydia Abdelmalek, 32, appeared today in the County Court of Victoria, which dismissed the legal challenge against her conviction for crimes that a magistrate previously called “calculated and cruel”.

The win is a major one for prosecutors who told the appeals court that Abdelmalek, of Lalor in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, was a liar who “relentlessly hunted” her victims with a “soapy” cast of characters, including Home and Away. star Lincoln Lewis.

Today’s verdict comes more than three years after Abdelmalek was initially found guilty of six charges of stalking.

Judge Claire Quin said she rejected Abdelmalek’s evidence, which she found “unthinkable” and “farcical”.

“I am convinced that the prosecution was responsible for the stalking behavior,” she said.

“I therefore find each of the allegations proven.”

In another twist, Judge Quin told the court that a phone seized during the appeal at Abdelmalek’s home in connection with another case contained “incriminating” evidence.

The court heard there was a wealth of material on the phone that “supported victims’ statements,” including hundreds of texts and photos to the women she stalked, intimate photos and Lincoln Lewis’s real voicemail.

“Much of this material was not available at the time of the magistrates’ hearing,” Judge Quinn said.

“The enormity of this behavior cannot be exaggerated.”

Relatives and friends wept as the verdict was handed down in a packed courtroom.

Abdelmalek did not respond.

She has now appealed her sentence, but her bail has been revoked and will be held.

Abdelmalek denies the evidence against her

The verdict comes after a long and sometimes bizarre hearing that lasted almost a year, in which a kilo of chocolate was offered as evidence.

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