Man drove TWICE onto the motorway in the wrong direction to try to shake off the police – before jumping into the Manchester Ship Canal

A man drove TWICE in the wrong direction on the M6 ​​in an attempt to shake off the police. David Houghton later jumped into the Manchester Ship Canal to try to escape.

But officers were waiting on the other side of the water to arrest him. Now he’s in jail and he’s not allowed to drive.

Three chases across the county began when police spotted a white Volkswagen Transporter on the M6 ​​southbound at Junction 21, the Woolston Interchange, in Warrington at about 1:20 am on 6 April. have a driver’s license, so it was decided to stop the vehicle.

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Houghton pulled off the motorway first to the A57 roundabout and appeared to stop for officers. He then took off at high speed and led police on three dangerous chases.

Cheshire Constabulary said: “During the chases, Houghton made two wrong turns on the M6 ​​and drove at speeds well above the 80kph limit. We followed from a safe distance, and they overtook him on the A50 Knutsford Road.

“Houghton continued off the A50 towards Warrington at speeds in excess of 50 mph before turning into Thelwall Lane, a cul-de-sac which runs alongside the canal. He abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot before hitting the canal jumped. Manchester Ship Canal. Houghton was constantly watched and arrested by officers when he arrived on the other side of the canal.”

The 43-year-old was later charged and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving; and failure to provide a copy. Houghton, with no fixed address but based in Liverpool, appeared at Chester Crown Court, where he was sentenced to 16 months. He was also given a two-year driving ban.

Police officer Phil Halliday, of the Cheshire Police Roads and Crime Unit, said after the case: “This was one of the most dangerous driving styles I have encountered in my nine-year police career. During the chases, Houghton showed no respect for the safety of our officers or the other innocent road users, who repeatedly overspeeded and even drove in the wrong direction on the highway twice.

“Despite his repeated attempts to evade officers, however, he had nowhere to hide and is now facing the consequences of his actions.”

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