Manchester United told they need €40million for the club’s ‘diamond’ – Performances that spark the imagination, the club will sell

Manchester United have been told they need €40million if they want to sign defender David Carmo from SC Braga this summer.

That is according to A Bola, who says that although the Portuguese side is willing to sell, they will only do so for a large amount.

Earlier this week we reported on a report from Portugal that said Manchester United were watching Carmo and their scouts were monitoring his development this season.

That report made it clear that they would probably need around $40 million to get their man if they decided to make a move, and A Bola backs that up.

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They say the international scene is ‘targeting’ Carmo, who is? ‘appeal to the imagination’ by ‘famous and enigmatic suitors’.

Braga is open to selling him and several other stars because they think this summer a ‘good chance‘ for them to earn some money and fill the club’s treasury.

Carmo is seen as a potential ‘gold mine’, and the club is more than aware that he is a ‘diamond’ worth taking advantage of.

They have put a price tag of at least €40 million on him, a figure they accept is a ‘huge sum’ but faith is enough given the player’s growth and remaining potential.

Whether Manchester United are willing to pay such a price remains to be seen, but the figure Braga wants has now been made very clear.

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