Mario & Luigi Become Batman and Robin in Perfect Tribute Art

A charming tribute to the Mushroom Kingdom’s best heroes as the protectors of Gotham, with Mario and Luigi dressed as Batman and Robin.

move over, Batman and Robinbecause Nintendo’s A-List mascots, Mario and Luigi, enter as the new Caped Crusaders. In an amazing artwork commissioned by Chris Burnham, the world’s favorite plumbers are reinvented as the classic comic book heroes, merging two great icons.

When it comes to partnerships, few comic book characters have the cultural cachet that Batman and Robin have. There’s a reason they have a reputation as the ‘Dynamic Duo’. Their expert teamwork and mutual trustworthiness have made them one of the most effective and standout teams in fiction. Batman and his partner Robin have set a standard, but they are far from the only popular partners. Mario and Luigi have had some epic adventures with cartoons, comics, movies and of course video games. And with all the terrifying threats they’ve eliminated from the Mushroom Kingdom, there’s a good argument that they’re just as good a team as Gotham’s best.


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And thanks to a new piece from Chris Burnham, fans can see just how good Mario and Luigi’s team is. Fanaccount @FelixComicArt posted on Twitter along with art commissioned by Burnham. Tribute to the dark knight returns, the piece shows off Mario and Luigi dressed as Batman and Robin, respectively. Mario swings through the air with a rope and Luigi glides forward with a flying staircase through a dark night in the Mushroom Kingdom. Although their signature mustaches betray their secret identities, Mario and Luigi fit the roles of the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder quite well. Fortunately, Burnham’s artwork has a much calmer and more pleasant atmosphere than Frank Miller’s original work, making the Mario Bros.’ world fun for all ages.

The piece commissioned by @FelixComicArt is an incredibly fun idea. the dark knight returns is a grim story that covers many complex and mature topics, but it’s hard to deny that many of the panels have become notable moments in Batman history. Taking the story’s most iconic image, Chris Burnham uses Mario and Luigi’s style to create something that fans of both properties can truly enjoy.

Batman can be a fun feature, but more often than not, his stories border on inappropriate for a younger audience. From tracking down serial killers to taking on gruesome battles, not all Batman comics are as kid-friendly as his cartoons. On the other hand, the super mario franchise is friendly to all ages, with fans of almost every generation. Burnham’s art bridges the gap between the two properties by combining some of Batman’s most famous images with the salubrious charm of Mario. The end result is a piece of art that is sure to bring a smile to any fan’s face, whether they want to Batman and Robin or Mario and Luigi

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