Melbourne’s new sombre comedy about physics and ice

Theater Works’ new play ‘The Marvelous Life of Carlo Gatti’ offers a thousand flavors.

The play’s titular subject was a Swiss entrepreneur who introduced ice cream to England in the mid-1800s, but the title is a misnomer — the play isn’t about Gatti at all. Rather, the myriad subject matter traverses a physicist in 1983, a psychologist in 2017, a Victorian-era piano-playing ghost, ice, quantum gravity, Elton John, and feeling alone in the universe.

The latest production from award-winning writer and playwright, Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou, will premiere at Theater Works’ brand new venue, The Explosives Factory, and will run from August 3-13. The plot revolves around that in their respective apartments, in their respective times, a psychologist and a physicist fear for their sanity because everyone who lives above them plays Hungarian composer Franz Liszt on the piano non-stop. The only problem is they live on the top floor. Puzzle!

What you need to know

  • The Wonderful Life of Carlo Gatti
  • Theater Works Explosive Factory – 67 Inkerman St, St Kilda
  • Thursday 4-13 August, 7.30 p.m. Cards here.

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The question Kassandra asks is this: If we go through time, can bonding a found family through the ages change our future and avoid death? “The characters in this play are isolated because of their sexuality and the pressure of their family,” Cassandra says.

“And the play revolves around the mental toll of social isolation, the depressive effects of loneliness, and the need to build communities and family. We think the themes of building friendships and families seem more important now than ever.”

Theater Works describes the play as both a sombre comedy and a balm for post-lockdown Melbourne, one that takes a look at the delicate things that barely hold us and the universe together, the deafening pain of isolation and the phenomenal power of ice cream.

There is a healthy dose of audience engagement to boot. In the spirit of the themes of a found family in the play, an additional opt-in program allows audience members to meet over an ice cream cone (provided by 7 Apples St Kilda ice cream parlor) in a circumstance that allows the characters of the piece itself, to include a little questionnaire about Elton John, physics, and those tastiest frozen dairy products.

Directed by Chris Hosking and featuring appearances from Shamita Siva, El Kiley, Connor Dariol and Hayley Edwards, it’s all part of Theater Works’ 2022 season theme “beyond hope” and by the sounds of things, it will stretch those narrative possibilities so far. if they can. can.

For more information, dive into the website here.

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