Mental Health Monday: What Is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment And Is It Right For You?

(Lander, Wyoming) – Mental Health Monday, the new weekly segment on KOVE 1330 AM/107.7 FM’s Coffee Time, hosted by Vince Tropea, continued today with guest Dr. David Martorano, MD, Assistant Medical Director, Director of Adult Psychiatric Services at the Wyoming Behavioral Institute (WBI) in Kasper.

The last time we met Dr. Martorano, we looked at mental health from a broad perspective and touched on some local and state issues, but for today’s show we talked about a new venture for WBI, which will be a somewhat exclusive announcement from Mental Health Monday.

WBI is about to officially launch Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatments, a non-invasive treatment for depression, in October.

(The interview mentions that the treatments will begin in August, but it will in fact be in October, with a full WBI press release on the way.)

dr. Martorano discussed the TMS process, how people can tell if this form of treatment is right for them, and why he felt the need to bring the treatment to Wyoming (he was the first to do so).

One of the key points that came up in today’s conversation was the concept of hope in the mental health world, where issues like depression and anxiety rob most people of.

While TMS treatment may not be for everyone, it can offer hope to those who have not had successful drug or psychiatric treatments.

To learn more about TMS and what the folks at WBI are doing for treatment, check out the full Mental Health Monday interview below.

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Guests range from psychiatrists, psychologists, school/drug/bereavement counselors, and other professionals in the field, as well as testimonials from people dealing with mental health issues such as college students, veterans, first responders, and more.

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