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Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It’s time again for a look back at the remarkable updates of the past seven days. Oh, I just noticed it’s a public holiday in the United States. Uncomfortable. In my defense, I am a Canadian living in Japan. And I never take a vacation anyway. So here are some updates for you to check out as you may be enjoying a nice, lazy night’s sleep. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly recap is just there to inform you about the things you may have missed. Let’s go for it!

Then the manFree We’ll start by taking a look at what’s going on in Dan the Manthe latest version. First up is the new Star Challenge. Collect stars in Story Mode and you’ll get some new icons and a sense of smugness. The latter is not guaranteed. There is a new event where you have to fight against cyber viruses trying to hack the Gibson or something. Hmm, new arena, new missions, a new suit related to the virus theme and some new rewards. Yes, that’s neat.

Mobile Legends: Bang BangFree Do I have one Love nest reference regarding this game before? I need to have. I must have that. Bang Bang on the door, honey. Mick Foley always did that when he wrestled as Cactus Jack. No idea why, but it worked. As for this update, there is a new hero in the form of Scarlet Raven – Julian, who seems to be a jack of all trades, but not a master. Soon there will be a new event where the Transformers cross over, which is a bit strange. There is also a new gameplay feature called Magic Frenzy in Magic Chess. Tiiiiiiiiiin roof, rusted

Sonic Dash+, Sonic! He can really move. He has an attitude. Those kind of things. Sing the song yourself if you want the rest. There are a few movies that I’m sure anyone reading this will know, and may well have seen. This latest update to the Apple Arcade version of the game brings back the movie events, giving you another chance to unlock the movie versions of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Longclaw. Leaderboard rewards have been increased across the board and jump dance moves rewards have also increased. Blue stripe, rushes past, Sonic the hedgehog† Too soon, for the naked man, Sonic the hedgehog

Terrariums, $4.99 You know how it goes. A major version arrives after a long time without any updates, and inevitably some bugs creep in. Really hard to help it. So the next few updates aim to fix those bugs and make things right. In addition to these fixes, this update also adds an input lock to make keyboard and mouse play better for those who like their Terrariums go on an adventure that way. The interface editor has also undergone some improvements. Not the flashiest updates, but an important one.

SongPop Party

SongPop Party got a huge update this time, especially for the music catalog. It now has over four hundred new global playlists to dig into. A Randomizer feature has been added for when you can’t decide which playlist to pick, and you can now bookmark your favorites to save them for later. There’s also a new search function that you can use to find specific playlists and artists. Lots of great improvements there so I guess I’ll give this the coveted one UMMSotW price for this week. It’s a pretty fun game after all.

Cut the Rope RemasteredAlways a bit strange but also quite nice to see a classic game from the old days of the App Store getting new content. If you want to keep cutting the rope like you did when times were simpler, there are now twenty-seven new levels to do that. But since it’s 2022 and not 2010, the levels are superhero themed. Ultimately, one cannot completely escape the march of time.

Merge townhouse, Free This game has one of the most successful advertising campaigns out there, doesn’t it? An ordinary puzzle game that contains a lot of strange story elements and presents them in slick trailers that surprise the people watching. Okay, good. The Hopeberry Festival is an old tradition that has been brushed aside and Maddie must bring it back to Hopewell Bay, complete with new decorations. There’s also a new album feature and redesigns of some of the previous story events.

Asphalt 9: LegendsFree I’m looking at the size of this update and think maybe I was too hasty giving it away UMMSotW this time, but what’s done is done. The new Lamborghini Raging Bull season has arrived, adding six new Lambos to the game: the Countach LPI 800-4, the Diablo GT, the Sesto Elemento and more. There will be a number of events dedicated to electric vehicles, a clash between two clubs with big rewards on offer, and a slew of more special events rolling out soon. You’ll probably need the Legend Pass to get your hands on all or even part of it, but that’s the way things go these days.

Garden Views, Free In my haste, I almost forgot about the mandatory free-to-play puzzle game update of the week. Okay, Merge townhouse could count technically. But we have to keep an eye on Austin or else he will become too powerful and destroy the fabric of reality itself. So let’s see what new things are going on in Garden Views† A dance season event where you have to help Austin prepare for the City Ball. A makeover event will start in a few weeks. And a kind of kite festival at the end of June? In the main story, Chloe is trying to become a stage manager and put on a play, and you have to help her. You can also unlock a new area and turn it into a reality show set! How awful!

brawlhalla, Free Mmm yes, this is another good one. Unfortunately, the SongPop Party people are already half way to Vegas to celebrate the award. brawlhalla is crossing with street fighter a second time, which I think is the . makes Street Fighter II event? Dhalsim, Ken, Sakura, M. Bison and a random man named Luke are here, along with Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma from the last event. Five new epic crossovers! A new Street Brawl map! And more! Seriously, LukeLuke for Blanka? Luke for Dan? Okay, I get it. But things like that cost you coveted prizes, my friends.

That about sums it up for last week’s major updates. I’m sure I missed a few, so feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think anything should be mentioned. As usual, major updates this week will likely get their own news stories, and I’ll be back next Monday to summarize and fill in the blanks. Have a good week!

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