Metro Vancouver teacher suspended for calling and kissing student drunk

A Chilliwack high school teacher has been suspended for inappropriate interactions with his teenage students.

The BC Commissioner for Teacher Regulation issued a decision this month, detailing the incidents that took place in 2020. To protect their privacy, the students were identified as A and B only using gender-neutral pronouns.

Sheldon Lyle Nickel taught both students, and when Student A struggled, Nickel hugged them and kissed them on the forehead. Nickel also “crossed personal boundaries” with student A by telling them his personal problems, sending them multiple texts, and calling them crying after he drank.

Student B was in grade 12 when Nickel wrote them several text messages, asking them what they were doing and telling them he loved them and missed them. Nickel wrote some of the posts while on personal leave from school. On one occasion, Nickel drove student B alone in his car, even though the principal had told him not to.

Nickel also met student A and student B for lunch for their class 12 and then gave them each a hug.

The teacher was suspended for one month on July 6, 2022.

That’s in addition to his previous one-week suspension without payment and a previous November 2019 letter of expectation reminding him to engage in verbal interactions, respect the dignity of students, and ensure that his interactions with students remain professional. In addition, he was instructed to only transport students if there was another employee in the vehicle.

The cases have been brought to the attention of the disciplinary committee after a youth counselor from the school lodged a complaint with the commissioner on 20 August 2020.

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