Mind-boggling discomfort captures subjects in awkward scenarios in Ben Zank .’s surreal photography


#Ben Zank #surreal

August 4, 2022

Grace Ebert

“Some people live on the block, I just live below it.” All images © Ben Zank, shared with permission

The ordinary clashes with the bizarre in Ben Zank’s photography. On the street, on construction sites or in lawns, his surreal images capture subjects in unmistakably awkward positions: a businessman gets trapped under a concrete block, a pile of wood piles up on a figure, and another precariously grabs the edge of a sinkhole. Often hiding their faces behind barriers or through an obvious avoidant turn of the head, Zank anonymizes his subjects, making their awkward predicaments seem all the more inevitable and will inevitably happen to unassuming passers-by.

Find an archive of the New York City photographer’s strange situations on Instagram and Twitter.


“Stay vigilant”

“Thinking logical”

“The Last Grass Tronaut”

“I think I’m falling for you”

Left: “Captured on tape.” Right: “Mixed signals”

“moon walker”

#Ben Zank #surreal

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