MJ Lenderman: “Tastes Just Like It Cost” Track Review

MJ Lenderman paints a scene of domestic turmoil with “Tastes Just Like It Costs,” a standout rendition of his third solo album Boat songs† He opens the song with a what-did-say-you-jab about a hated hat, followed by gestures about a fancy butcher, a scream, a trip, dinner plans disrupted or even completely ruined. The singer-songwriter captures the weight of disappointment and frustration, wrapping it in an instrumental haze reminiscent of the thick southern humidity of his home state. Guitarist for the Asheville, North Carolina indie rock outfit Wednesday, Lenderman amplifies the band’s loosely nostalgic melodies, but single-handedly gives the instrument a rough-hewn twang, with raw, occasionally painful tracks packed with a little effort. .

The swirling guitar solo of “Tastes Just Like It Costs” swings around like a restless sleeper, as Lenderman stretches his Youngian howl across lines over vaguely ill-fated attempts to mend a crumbling relationship. A high, erratic guitar solo emerges as Lenderman drags the song to the end, a streak of light breaking through the sea of ​​fuzz. As with a failed relationship, the finer things money can buy aren’t guaranteed to last — sometimes the only return on a steep investment is a bitter aftertaste.


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