Mmmm delicious: Canada grows crickets as a protein source

Protein is important for a healthy diet and now Canada is looking to crickets as an eco-friendly resource for Canadians.

The federal government is investing up to $8.5 million to support the construction of a commercial cricket protein production facility in London, Ontario.

From a nutritional standpoint, crickets are rich in protein and contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. All parts of crickets are edible, the federal government said in a press release.

Funded under the AgriInnovate program, Aspire will use the latest smart technology to create the ideal growing conditions for crickets at its Ontario facility.

It is set to breed billions of crickets at once and produce a nutrient-rich protein for premium health food and pet markets.

Aspire’s goal to tackle global food scarcity has led to a focus on the production of edible insects, which can provide large amounts of nutritious food with a low carbon footprint.

According to the federal government, insect food processing is still relatively new to Canadian agriculture.

However, alternative protein sources such as insects offer the opportunity to meet global food demand by using less water, energy and space and emitting significantly less greenhouse gases during the production phase.

So go over chicken and beef, cricket protein comes in hot!

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