Ms. Marvel Official Art Shows Removed X-Men Cyclops Easter Egg (Photo)

Mrs. MarvelThe debut episode was packed with MCU Easter eggs, mainly due to the introduction of AvengerCon. The fan convention is an in-universe gathering of diehard Avengers fans from around the world. The AvengerCon series is arguably one of the most exciting series in the Disney+ series, and it’s spearheaded by the excitement of Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan.

As a result of the positive reception from fans for the AvengerCon series, Disney has also released an official website for the convention, allowing viewers to get a closer look at the landmark MCU event. Mrs. Marvel executive producer Bisha K. Ali also revealed some of AvengerCon’s scrapped cameos, confirming that Korg and a “winged horse” like the Pegasus Valkyrie rides Avengers: Endgame.

Now it looks like an important X-Men reference almost became part of AvengerCon.

Ms. Marvel almost featured X-Men’s Cyclops

Mrs. Marvel concept artist Shae Shaz shared new promotional art from the development of the Disney+ series featuring an unexpected Easter egg tied to the X-Men.

Official concept art featured scenes from the AvengerCon series in Episode 1, with an X-Men cosplayer dressed as Cyclops in the background:

Marvel Studios

A closer look at the Cyclops cosplayer can be seen below:

Cyclops, Mrs. Marvel
Marvel Studios

The costume the cosplayer is wearing looks like what Cyclops was wearing Uncanny X-Men #500:

Marvel Comics

Another image also shows that a Stormtrooper was almost featured in the MCU series:

Marvel Studios

Ant-Man and Hulk take the spotlight in this new concept art:

Marvel Studios

An alternate angle of Paul Rudd’s Giant-Man from an AvengerCon display was also revealed:

Giant-Man, Mrs. Marvel
Marvel Studios

When will the MCU fully reveal the X-Men?

The inclusion of an Easter egg dedicated to Cyclops at AvengerCon would have been a huge surprise to any MCU fan, but it would also have raised a lot of questions about the continuity of the franchise. It’s possible that concept artist Shae Shaz posted the X-Men Easter egg as a fun nod to the mutants before the studio prevented him from presenting such a reference. The same goes for the Stormtrooper’s appearance in the image.

It is unknown when Cyclops and the rest of the X-Men will be properly introduced to the MCU, but Mrs. MarvelConfirmation that Kamala Khan is a mutant could indicate that the mighty group of heroes will be arriving soon. It’s likely that the storylines in the Multiverse Saga will be resolved first before Marvel Studios goes all in to show the mutants’ debut.

It’s also fitting that the discarded Easter egg is linked to Cyclops, given the strong bond between the X-Men leader and Kamala from the comics. In the aftermath of Civil War II from Marvel Comics, Kamala, Spider-Man and Nova separated from the Avengers and formed a new team called the Champions.

One of the members of Kamala’s new team is a time-displaced version of Cyclops. The pair formed a strong bond with each other, confirming Kamala’s friendship with Cyclops as one of her captivating connections to the mutants.

This Easter egg could be a reference to that strong friendship from the comics, indicating that a similar bond will take place in the MCU in the future.

All episodes of Mrs. Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.

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