MTA bus driver attacked in Bronx – NBC New York

A man and woman reportedly assaulted an on-duty MTA bus driver who refused to open the doors for them when they knocked halfway through, threw some liquid in his face and beat him severely when they finally boarded, authorities say.

The two initially tried to get on the BX18 bus as it was standing between stops around 4pm last Thursday. They knocked on the doors, but the driver did not open them, as is MTA policy.

As the bus made its way through traffic, the man and woman walked on foot to the next stop on the bus route, East 170th Street and Walton Avenue.

Once the bus got there, officers said the woman got in and threw some sort of liquid in the driver’s face. He then stumbled off the bus, where the two stormed him, knocking him to the ground and hitting and kicking him before he ran away, police say.

The victim, who had pain and swelling in her face and body and bruising on her knees, was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police have released surveillance of the suspects (above). Anyone with information is requested to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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