NASA rover sees strange rock formations on Mars, sets up internet abuzz

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars shows an unusual structure in the rocks that looks like an alien doorway.

One of the most recent images taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Curiosity rover on Mars shows an unusual structure in the rocks that looks like a neatly carved doorway on the Red Planet. Many internet users are amazed at the photo, claiming that it is a hidden alien entrance.

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The image was captured on a geologic feature known as Greenheugh Pediment on May 7 by the Curiosity rover and shared Wednesday on Reddit by NASA.

While NASA hasn’t commented on the image yet, publications such as The Independent have said the strange rock formation could be the product of a natural stress fracture caused by a seismic activity.

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“Hmm, looks like they just had a downpour on Sol 3466,” one user responded to the shared post.

Others wondered if there was water in the image. “There is water on the right side of the image or am I wrong,” commented a second user.
The largest earthquake ever recorded on Mars occurred on May 4 this year, and scientists are still trying to figure out where it happened and what caused it.

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NASA has posted some very bizarre and fascinating images of Mars in recent years, including craters filled with ice, strange chevron-shaped rock formations, hollowed-out mountains and much more.

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