National Nonprofit Organizes Mental Health Walk

JACKSON, Tennessee — The National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, held a walk in Jackson.

The nonprofit held NAMI Walks Your Way Tennessee at Muse Park on Saturday, and every step helped reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

“Today’s walk is to raise money not only for the programs we have at NAMI Tennessee and for the people we serve, but also to spread awareness about mental health and get people out of it after being quarantined for a while. sitting and being back together,” said Victoria Rutledge, the director of development for NAMI.

Rutledge says they are happy to have taken these steps personally again.

“So this is the third year the event is being held, but last year it was virtual. So we’re really happy to be back in person again this year,” Rutledge said.

You can find out more about what NAMI is doing in the state here.

The group offers services, resources, lessons, and more.

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