Need glasses, shoes, toothbrushes and sanitary products

Taillon’s garage in Ottawa is full of plastic containers and suitcases, brimming with simple, yet life-changing necessities.

Peggy Taillon can’t suppress her gratitude.

“Thank you Ottawa for always standing up for HERA Mission, we really appreciate you!”

Taillon and her 15-year-old son Devlin are already anticipating the greeting they will receive in Kenya when these boxes of donated items are delivered.

“The absolute loudest cheer you could ever hear. Dancing and singing, and partying and smiling. They just come running,” they cheered in unison.

Taillon’s “mother-son duo” describes the women and children in the town where Devlin was born.

Peggy Taillon has long had a career in healthcare and philanthropy. She founded HERA Mission after adopting her son Devlin from Kenya – his adoption changed Kenya’s adoption laws.

Taillon promised she and Devlin would give something back and they do.

Through the nonprofit HERA Mission of Canada, they are committed to empowering and improving the lives of the Kenyan community of Asembo Bay by improving access to education, food security and economic development.

In addition to ongoing fundraising for HERA (which means love in the Luo tribal language), Peggy and Devlin bring loads of suitcases of necessities to his hometown every year when he travels there to spend time with his birth family and children of that community.

This year, thanks to the generous donation of a sea container, that ‘giving’ can become a very big one.

“Thanks to Abbis Mahmoud, a great entrepreneur and philanthropist of Dreammind, Operation Ramzieh and other ventures in Canada, we have a 40-foot sea container to fill and ship to Kenya,” says Taillon.

Mahmoud pays for the container and shipping.

“Having a shipping container makes such a big difference because we were so limited to what we could bring before.”

Taillon is now busy filling the container for the coming week.

“A number of hospitals, including Bruyère, have come up and we have old medical equipment that is still in great shape. We have some hospital beds. We have all kinds of medical supplies that the different clinics have given us over the past year — so we have literally filled buckets with it. Everything from gauze and tape and syringes and saline,” says a grateful Taillon. Taillon is a member of Bruyère’s senior management team.

With loads of space in that container, Peggy and Devlin hope that simple items that aren’t used in your home’s drawers and closets can be shipped to Kenya and put to good use there.

There is always a need for basic toiletries, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clean clothes and new shoes.

“One of the things we take for granted is so shocking to me — and hygiene products are actually a luxury. So usually when our girls are on their periods, they stay home from school because they don’t have feminine hygiene products. can get from this, the better,” Taillon said.

“Another luxury is toothpaste and toothbrushes. Oral hygiene is so important to your overall health, so we are so grateful for these donations.”

If you have old glasses scurrying around, there’s a great need for them.

Peggy and Devlin haven’t been to Kenya since before the pandemic. This trip, along with this special delivery, will mean a lot to both of them.

“It’s very emotional, I haven’t seen my family and my brother and sister in a while,” says Devlin.

“It will be good to be in the village to see the children and surprise them with all the presents.”

HERA Mission is also very happy with monetary donations.

“The Canadian currency can go a long way there with the Kenyan exchange rate,” explains Taillon. “Your giving is enhanced.”

HERA Mission Big Ottawa Give wish list:

  • Medical Supplies
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Gently used tablets, laptops and phones
  • Gently used clothing and shoes in all sizes (no holes)
  • Toys (without batteries)
  • School supplies, toiletries, soap, toothpaste/brushes, lotion, feminine hygiene products, deodorant (we would appreciate these items in boxes, suitcases, bins)
  • Glasses for all ages and sizes.
  • Sports equipment footballs, basketballs, nets, signs.

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