Needy Fund provides a summer full of memories for Cape grandson

Grandparents being the primary caregiver of their grandchild is becoming more common these days, and raising another child can be challenging, in addition to the difficulties of becoming a parent.

A 70-year-old retired grandfather living on Cape Cod found himself in such a situation when he contacted the Needy Fund.

His 7-year-old grandchild, whom he has full custody of, wanted to go to summer camp this year, an expense this grandfather had not foreseen and which he could not afford on his steady income.

Recognizing the importance of keeping his grandchild engaged, active and connected with peers during the summer break, he reached out to the needy fund for help.

The Fund was able to pay the costs of the summer camp for his grandchild, who shouted to the Emergency Fund staff, “Thank you, I’m going to have the best summer ever!”

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