New ear seeding trend is based on traditional Chinese medicine

The Edmonds-based practitioner says applying seeds to the ear can help with problems like digestion, headaches and stress. #k5evening

EDMONDS, Wash. – New beauty trend “ear seeding” is taking over TikTok – but it’s actually based on ancient Chinese medicine, and you can have it done in Edmonds.

Trina Hartman is a certified reflexology therapist and massage therapist with a certificate in ear seeding.

“I love to say that you can look good and feel good,” she said.

Ear seeds are attached to a person’s ear to act like small acupressure devices, stimulating pressure points that correspond to other parts of the body. People use them for help with things like weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, and pain.

“You name it — if your body can help itself and you don’t need medical attention, ear seeds can help with that,” Hartman said.

They are known as ear seeds because true vaccaria plant seeds are often used. They can also be made of ceramic or metal, and Hartman offers Swarovski crystal or 24k gold-plated versions. They are secured with an adhesive and will last three to five days.

Hartman said she doesn’t just apply them to clients — she uses them herself and believes in their effectiveness.

“Acupressure has been around for thousands of years,” she said. “The map of your body on the ear was created by Dr. Paul Nogier and he was a French neurologist who came up with the map in the 1950s.”

DIY kits are a popular option, but Hartman recommends seeing a licensed practitioner for at least one visit.

“It’s really hard to do it for yourself – even if I know what I’m doing, it’s very hard to do it for myself, so if I had the opportunity and was looking for some help, I would absolutely go to a go professional,” she says. said.

Hartman also said that some people with sensitive skin may feel discomfort and just need to remove the ear seeds early.

Hartman’s ear seeding sessions start at $45 and can be scheduled online.

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