New Sports Medicine Symposium Highlights Day One of the All-School Summit

The 2022-23 school year officially kicked off with day one of the All-School Summit on Monday, August 1, at Empower Field in Mile High Stadium. The first day was filled with information and excitement as CHSAA and its member schools geared up for the year ahead.

The day kicked off with a three-way event that included new sports and activity directors meetings and the inaugural Sports Medicine Symposium, organized in conjunction with the Colorado Athletic Trainers Association.

The symposium marked the first time athletic trainers from across the state had the opportunity to gather at the All-School Summit before the start of the season. More than 120 certified sports trainers made the trip to Denver for the symposium.

“We wanted to find a way to bring our athletic trainers together and make them feel more connected to the CHSAA process,” said Thompson Valley School District AD and SMAC Committee Chair Kevin Clark. “With how much interaction ATs have with ADs, we wanted to offer a number of sessions for them on a number of issues that are relevant to them in their field. Today was a great way to start the year here at Mile High with a great keynote speaker.”

That amazing keynote speaker was legendary former Broncos track and field coach Steve “Greek” Antonopoulos. Antonopoulos spent 45 years in the Broncos organization as an athletic trainer, including 36 years as chief athletic coach. He delivered speeches to both the athletic trainers and the new ADs about the role and importance of sports medicine professionals.

“I find it incredible that CHSAA and the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee have been able to develop this day to help advance the ideals of sports medicine,” Antonopoulos said. “The education delivered today and the student-athlete centered concepts are what CHSAA is all about. It was a great honor for me to have the opportunity to speak today as I come from a small town and it’s great to see the grassroots effort it takes to make a great athletic workout.”

“Today was great,” added CATA president Jim Keller. “The relationships have grown across the state and this serves as a catalyst to continue those efforts. It’s something that I hope will continue for years to come as we need to come together to share thoughts and ideas to help the student putting athletes first.”

In the afternoon, the rest of the returning ADs from across the state joined the group to attend information sessions and hear an impassioned keynote speech from Rick Ramirez. You can learn more about Rick on his website,

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