New task force exploring ways to revitalize downtown Ottawa after the pandemic

Ottawa Center MPP Yasir Naqvi has unveiled a new task force to explore ways to revitalize downtown Ottawa after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force will address the challenges to affordable housing, revitalize local businesses by catalyzing the return of residents and businesses, catalyze a more sustainable environment, and create more inclusive community spaces that promote Indigenous reconciliation.

“We need to take a thorough look at the future of downtown Ottawa with all the relevant and interested voices around the table,” Naqvi said.

“With the continuation of hybrid work arrangements and the need for more affordable housing in the area, it is important to create a space for people from different backgrounds and expertise to come together to develop new ideas and strategies to reshape Ottawa’s capital.”

The task force is made up of representatives of not-for-profit and for-housing developers, local representatives of business improvement areas, tourism stakeholders, Indigenous leaders and advocates of affordable social housing. count. Catherine McKenney and Mathieu Fleury and a representative from the mayor’s office will serve as observers on the task force.

“We need to reach consensus on a way forward to bring activity back to Canada’s national capital, and we’re all excited to see what we can come up with as a group that represents many different voices within our community,” said Claridge Homes Vice President Neil Malhotra said.

The Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force begins meetings in August and recommendations will be shared with federal and municipal governments.

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