NYC Accused Woman Of ‘Duck Sauce’ Killer Pleads Not Guilty To Gun Possession For Weapons Found At Home: Report

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The wife of the gunman accused of shooting and murdering a Chinese food delivery man in New York City over an ongoing dispute with the restaurant over duck sauce was charged with gun possession, according to a report.

Dorothy Hirsch β€” the wife of Glenn Hirsch, the dubbed “duck sauce killer” β€” pleaded not guilty to gun-related charges during her arraignment Monday in the Queens Supreme Court, The Daily Mail reported. In the wake of the deadly April 30 shooting of Zhiwen Yan, 45, who was killed while delivering his scooter to the Great Wall Restaurant in the upscale Forest Hills neighborhood, police executed a search warrant on Dorothy’s apartment. Hirsch.

Although she reportedly lived separately from her husband, police found eight rifles and more than 200 ammunition hidden in her apartment on 84th Road in Queens.

Dorothy Hirsch’s lawyer Mark Bederow, who attended her arraignment, later told The Daily Mail that his client works as a licensed nurse and “has nothing to do with the charges against her husband and is absolutely innocent”.


Glenn Hirsch is walked from the 112th New York Police Department’s Police Station on Thursday, June 2, 2022, in Queens, New York.
(Barry Williams/New York Daily News/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

“The prosecutor is fully aware that he had access to her apartment and that the weapons were found in boxes and garbage bags, among Glenn Hirsch’s other junk in a cupboard used by him,” Bederow said. β€œThe prosecutor’s own papers acknowledge that the other items found from the closet were his belongings. He has been linked by forensic evidence to at least one and possibly more of the firearms.”

“Prosecuting Dorothy, a decent 62-year-old woman who has never been arrested for knowingly possessing his firearms – with intent to use them illegally – is ludicrous,” he added, stating that his client has not cohabited with her estranged husband. in years.

Zhiwen Yan, a 45-year-old Chinese food delivery boy, was shot dead in Queens, New York.

Zhiwen Yan, a 45-year-old Chinese food delivery boy, was shot dead in Queens, New York.
(Peter Gerber)

Dorothy Hirsch was arrested in early June after the police raided her apartment.

Glenn Hirsch was charged with the delivery man’s murder around the same time and was later released into his brother’s custody for house arrest after paying $500,000 bail. Dorothy Hirsch’s bail was initially set at over $150,000, but was later reduced to $30,000.

Queens prosecutors said Glenn Hirsch, who has had 10 previous sealed arrests, has had an “obsessive point of contention” against the restaurant since Nov. 30, 2021, when he believed he had ripped off enough duck sauce for his meal. The restaurant manager reported that Glenn Hirsch had harassed him and other employees for months, including during an incident in which Glenn Hirsch allegedly wrecked the manager’s car and appeared at the restaurant with a gun in January.


About an hour prior to the April murder, surveillance video showed the suspect circling the restaurant and then driving his car after Yan before allegedly shooting him.

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