OCDSB Statement on School Board Elections

The OCDSB is strongly committed to human rights, justice and respect for the dignity of every person.

We believe that all students, staff, families, administrators and community members have the right to feel physically and emotionally safe, welcome and accepted in school or work regardless of race, origin, background, religion/belief , sexual orientation or gender identity.

These commitments are expressed in our OCDSB Human Rights Policy, which is based on the inputs and beliefs of our community and aligned with our responsibilities and legal obligations under the Education Act, the Ontario Human Rights Code and other legal frameworks in Canada.

School board trustees are elected every four years. The next municipal elections will be on October 24, 2022. The application deadline for candidates is Friday, August 19, 2022 at 2:00 PM

As with elections to other levels of government, the OCDSB does not endorse or take a position regarding individual candidates or their policies or proposals. We encourage all candidates to familiarize themselves with the trustee’s duties and responsibilities under the Education Act, to:

  • promote student achievement and well-being
  • deliver effective and appropriate educational programs
  • developing, maintaining and monitoring the effectiveness of governance policies
  • develop, communicate and evaluate a Strategic Plan annually
  • monitor the performance of the director of education
  • exercise responsible management of Council resources

Questions about the candidate registration process or voter information should be directed to the Ottawa City Election Office.

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