‘Oh no’: Local trips over gun while swimming in Skaha Lake – Penticton News

Gun found while swimming

A Penticton man was shocked when he was swimming in Skaha Lake on Thursday night and came across a gun on the sand below the water.

“I just went to the beach for a swim to cool off,” said Shaun, who would only call Castanet by his first name for his protection.

He was on his way to his usual spot between Penticton and Okanagan Falls, to take a dip in the lake from a lookout in a quieter area.

Then he found the firearm.

“I went, ‘Oh no,'” he said. “I mean, you see a gun in the lake, that’s never good.”

“It was just crazy. I’ve been there every day this week. Not today, but every day this week, and I didn’t notice a thing.”

Shaun said he thought it was an airsoft or BB gun at first, but after picking it up, he knew it was too heavy not to be real.

“I know firearms a little bit. So I looked at it and it felt like a real gun.”

He noted that it appeared that the gun had been damaged by a hacksaw and was no longer operable.

Shaun then called the police.

“I thought I should probably report it, it’s not dangerous at all. You can’t do anything with it. But I thought they might be looking for it.”

Shaun said the police confirmed to him that the gun was real.

He shared his findings on a local Facebook page to let the community know what he had discovered.

Castanet has contacted the RCMP for more information and will update.

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