On the Dangers of Being a Pedestrian, the Autoculture Disease and the Rise of Billionaires – Scout Magazine

Welcome to Vancouver, where as we grapple with the triple simultaneous deadly crises of climate catastrophe, drug poisoning and housing affordability, our media lament overgrown medians and a long weekend driving through Stanley Park (controlling traffic in Stanley Park). Adding more lanes has never resulted in less traffic. Car culture is a disease that leads to extreme rights and victimization.

And it’s the biggest threat to public safety: Road-rager endangers pedestrians on the city’s “worst” crosswalk. This crosswalk is so bad that Maggie Boyd and I painted it ourselves once when we worked at Budgies.

Some obscure American newspaper just ran an article about how good Vancouver’s protected bike paths are: On the Water’s Edge: Vancouver by Bike.

These people need to fucking calm down: Aggressive parking issues between neighbors in Vancouver are going viral. This guy parks in front of other people’s houses all the time, and I have the… proof

Many people use this as a weapon against electric cars, but I’m pretty sure conventional cars catch fire more often: Tesla puts the driver of Metro Vancouver inside and then catches fire.

Broken record: Metro Vancouver tenants feel the country’s worst financial crisis. We now need a huge, government-funded outbuilding of actually affordable rental housing. In addition, we need a tenant plan that includes the right to return with dignity, the right to stay, rent tied to the unit, the end of private landlord subsidies, the right of first refusal to buy properties for co-op & public housing, and we need to enshrine tenants’ right to organize.

What do we get instead? A Damned Museum: The BC government went on the defensive after announcing a $789 million “tone-deaf” museum upgrade.

The system works; we need a new system: a new billionaire has been minted almost every day during the pandemic.

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